Spincast reel vs spinning reel; learn every aspect of these fishing reels

When you are learning Angling or you are a newbie in learning fishing then the question of choosing right reel becomes extremely important because this factor will decide your success or failure in a particular environment. The question of Spincast reel vs Spinning reel is quite important as insights about the pros and cons of both of these reels will help you to choose best reel according to your own comfort and environment. Following are the some of the important questions that can come to you mind before choosing these two types of reels:

  • What is Spincast reel?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Spincast reel?
  • What is Spinning reel?
  • What are the pros and cons of spinning reel?
  • How Spincast reel is different from Spinning reel?
  • How should you select right reel between both of these reels?
  • Spincast reel vs Spinning reel; which is good for beginner?

So, let’s explore these aspects:

Spincast reel vs spinning reel

Spincast reel vs spinning reel

What is Spincast reel?

As the name shows this is the type of reels that shares the features of both spinning reel as well as casting reel. Both of them as we know are types of reels that are used to cast lures to fishes; however, the question arises is how this reel is different from other types of reels. The answer of this question is quite simple as it is the structure of reel that decides whether it is Spincast or spinning reel. To understand the structure of Spincast reel you can observe the picture of Spincast reel that is placed below:

Spincast reel vs spinning reel

As you can see in the picture it is closed reel as its spool is closed inside it; Spool is part where your fishing line usually gets collected or released. If you want to know more about the parts of fishing reel then just click the blog post in which we have explained them in detail alongside with their functions. Coming back to its structure the Spincast reel actually has a spool inside so you just open it and makes a knot with the string that is then attached to bait or lure. In addition to this factor there is a push button that actually is used to cast a bait is present in the back of this reel that makes it different in terms of design. Similarly, there are two main designs of Spincast reel that usually comes to market; one of which is short neck and other is long neck Spincast reel. So, if we try to look at the characteristics of Baitcasting reel then following points can be deduced from this discussion:

It has Push button that is used to cast a button that adjusted near the cap and behind the reel cap
This type of reel has spool inside the cap; the spool is fixed however it has rotating bail collar.
Some of these reels maybe external star drags.
This reel does not function without a reel cap; that is usually screwed on the reel
These reels have internal drag system that can adjusted with the help of small knob or button.
You can watch following videos to understand these characteristics with practical demonstration as well:

After getting the detailed view of the characteristics, let’s find out the major advantages and disadvantages of Spincast reel:

Pros of Spincast reel:

Following are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with the help of it:

  • Beginners can easily learn and understand their different parts.
  • Spincast reel is very easy to use that is why it is beginner friendly.
  • There are little chances of lines get entangled and create bird nests or backlashes.
  • These reels have usually low prices than other ones.

Some of the cons of Spincast reels:

  • Spincast reel is usually designed for small fishes so, if you wanna catch large basses then other types of reels would be required.
  • The retrieval speed that is actually when an angler wants to collect back the line after a fish is hooked is lower than other reels.
  • If the Spincast reel are usually made up of fragile material so, it affects the durability of it.

Pro tip: Here, comes the role of selecting the right kind of Spincast reel so, try to choose the reel that is usually made up of iron or steel that can last with you for some time.
One of the cons of Spincast reel is its ability to rust and corrode faster as compared to that of spinning reel.
How to cast a Spincast reel?

After getting the detailed view of Spincast reel now let’s find out what is spinning reel and how it differs from the former.

What is spinning reel: its pros and cons:

Spinning reel as name shows is given this name because of the rotating bail arms while spool itself on these reels are usually fixed. The bail arms are usually wire contraction that extends from one side to another and finally it can be closable as well. When the bail is open then the fishing line is free to fall off so, these bails are closeable, in addition to these bails the spinning reels can further be recognized because of the long neck that is usually extended beneath the rod. By observing the following picture of spinning reels, you can observe clearly that this type of reel is different in terms of its position as well as it usually hangs below the rod so, this is the basic introduction of spinning reel that must be known to you; if you wanna detailed description of its different parts then you can follow the blog post in which different types of reels are explained in details with their unique features:

Advantages of Spinning reel:

  • When we compare it to that of former reel then it is clear that it has ability to cast long distances.
  • It is more durable when we compare it with Spincast reel.
  • The ability to cast light weight lures is better.
  • They have an effective drag system.
  • Spinning rods are effective in handling
  • These are effective and helpful for different types of lures.
  • The sensitivity of it helps you to easily feel when a fish bites the lure that is attached on the other end of the rod.
  • The handle of the spinning reels can be adjusted according to your ease either on the left side or on the right side.
  • One of the most important benefits of using this reel is its ability of handles to move in anticlockwise or clockwise direction according to requirement.

Disadvantages of spinning reel:

  • To get the accurate results or to learn how to avoid twists you have to learn it properly how to adjust your reel for example holding the line with the help of index finger. So, it creates bit difficulty for new users as compared to that of Spincast reel.
  • They are bit expensive than Spincast reels.
  • The casting process in complicated than that of other types.
  • There is lack of tension in the spool so that is why it can create complication in terms of line adjustments.

How to cast a spinning reel:

You have now explored the different aspects of both of these reels so now if we summarize the answer of the question of what are the differences between both of these reels?
Now we have found out that there is not only the difference between the structure and appearance of both of these reels but also in their working environment as well. Baitcast reel is friendly in terms of beginning than that of spinning reel so the question arises here:

How should you choose for you/what is good for beginners? Spincast reel vs spinning reel

On the basis of our expertise, we recommend you to analyze your budget as well as the environment so that you can choose the right reel for you. If you are a beginner or wanna choose it for your kids then Spincast reel definitely will help you however all the possible pros and cons are explained before so, you can choose these reels according to your requirement and ease. Right types of rods also play an important role in deciding the type of reel as well so, you should consider that factor as well. If you wanna more control over fishing than spinning reel will have edge however if you are a beginner level angler then Spincast reel definitely is designed for you.


The choice of reel has impacts on the performance as well as well the satisfaction of anglers so, after observing the different aspects of Spincast reel vs Spinning reel you can easily choose between both of them. If you want to know the parts of fishing rods just explore the post that is especially designed to explore their features.
Hopefully this post has contributed in the expanding your knowledge about different aspects of fishing; if you have any suggestion or query then you can ask me in the comment section!

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